Odubel Herrera The New Human Rain Delay

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Odubel Herrera is getting plenty of television time one at-bat at a time. In a nine pitch at-bat today, I timed him just under five and half minutes at the plate. An at-bat that only Mike Hargrove could love. Time and again, Reds pitcher had to wait for Herrera to get into the batter's box. God forbid when he fouls a ball off. A foul ball prompts Herrera to go into a ritualy walk through around the home plate area. Stand outside the batter's box, look around before getting into the batters box, and begins going through another ritual.

Pitchers, visits to the mound are being timed to keep games moving. Herrera, you aren't getting extra Major League time for going into a stall at the plate. Herrera put together a nice season last year with the Phillies. He hit  a slash line of .297/.344/.418 with eight home runs and 41 RBI, and had 16 stolen bases. He just the type of guy that a team needs if they are behind, and see rain coming in before a game is official. MLB is watching everyone going to the pitcher's mound, but this borders ridiculous.