Mat Latos Registers First Win With The White Sox

Kenny Karst-USA TODAY Sports
Kenny Karst-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago White Sox right-hand pitcher Mat Latos got off to good start today by blanking the Oakland A's for six innings. Latos allowed only one, while walking one and striking out two. If Latos can stay healthy, he could be a valuable addition to the back of the rotation. In his debut with the White Sox, he looked like the solid performer that pitched for the Padres and Cincinnati Reds.  He was staked to the lead on a home run by Jose Abreu. The White Sox were able to tack on four runs in the the ninth to secure the 6-1 win. The White Sox open the season on a positive note taking three out of four from the A's.

Latos had a horrible 2015 season, that saw him on the move from the Marlins to the Dodgers, where he was released, and finished the season witht the Angels. In 2015, he was 4-10 with an a career high ERA of 4.93, he allowed 9.3 hits, 2.5 walks, and struck out 7.7 hitters per nine innings of work. In his career, he is 64-55 with an ERA of 3.51, 8.0 hits, 2.7 walks, and 8.1 strike outs per nine innings. The 2015-2016 free agency class was suppose to be a big contract year for Latos, but a series of injuries sidelined his ambitions. He was able to lock in with the White Sox for one-year at $3 million dollars. A bounce back season with the White Sox could propel Latos to the top of a thin free agent market in 2016-2017. The one-year was a good gamble for both sides. Latos got the chance to perform with a team that has revamped their offense, and the budget conscious White Sox had the opportunity to sign a highly motivated starter (motivation: a chance to enter free agency at the of the season) to help the much needed back end of the rotation without a huge commitment.  More performances like today will benefit both pitcher, and club.