High Expectations For Jose Quintana

Jose Quintana has been on the cusp moving his game to the next level the last two seasons, and has been a solid Major League starter since his debut in 2012. Last season, Quintana was second to only Houston's Dallas Keuchel in quality starts in the American League with 25.  His numbers are very solid with only a need to lower his hits per nine innings. In 2015, his won-loss record was 9-10 with an ERA of 3.36, he allowed 9.5 hits, 1.9 walks, and 7.7 strike outs per nine innings. Quintana has been a work horse for the White Sox working over two hundred innings in each of the last three seasons.

I look for Quintana to step up to the next level this season. The White Sox have added better defense, and offense to their lineup which should help him to break into double digit wins for the first time. Austin Jackson in centerfield tightens an outfield defense allowing Adam Eaton to move to right-field, and veteran Jimmy Rollins should provide steady shortstop play. The offense should get a boost as well with the addition of Todd Frazier at third base, and Brett Lawrie at second base should provide more punch. The improvements in the defense and offense should be a boost to the top of the White Sox rotation, and Jose Quintana in particular.