The Chicago Cubs Hope For Historic Season

The 2016 season is only hours a way, and it is possibly the most anticipated season in the history of the Chicago Cubs history. The Cubs are coming off an improbable run in 2015 to the National League Championship Series Series. This season comes with high expectations as most pundits feel they have enough to win their first World Series title since 1908. The last appearance by the Cubs in the Fall Classic was in 1945, so the levels of fan enthusiasm by the fan base is off the charts, and why not? Check out the Opening Day lineup, and you will not find an easy out among the them. Joe Maddon batting order tonight:

Dexter Fowler CF, Jason Heyward RF, Ben Zobrist 2B, Anthony Rizzo 1B, Kris Bryant 3B, Kyle Schwarber LF, Jorge Soler DH, Miguel Montero C, Addison Russell SS with National League Cy Young award winner Jake Arrieta taking the mound for the Cubs. The Cubs will have three high on base percentage guys at the top of their order this season. That should improve the run production of the team. Does the team have an achillles heel? If they do, it is the lack of depth in starting pitching, but the Cubs minor league system is loaded with young everyday talent that could be dealt to fix the problem if it occurs.

All hype ends tonight when the long grind of a Major League season begins. It will no longer matter what the prognosticators have predicted. It will be won or lost on the field. It should be a season to be very excited about for the long suffering fans of the Chicago Cubs.