Vote: Who Will Capture The National League Title?

The National League East Division appears on paper to be a two race between the National League Champion Mets (yes, it pains me to type that sentence), and the Washington Nationals. The Marlins have improved their club, but they aren't deep enough in the pitching department. The Braves and Phillies are in full rebuilding mode, and will struggle to win games. My pick for the NL East is the New York Mets.

The National League Central is a three team race between the Cubs, Cardinals, and Pirates. The Pirates have found ways to improve their club without spending a lot of money. They have back the most of their lineup, and have improved to be more contact oriented. The Cardinals have felt like Rodney Dangerfield with everybody proclaiming the Cubs as the team to beat. The Cubs have improved a team that won 97 games last season. The additions of Adam Warren, Jason Heyward, and John Lackey should be prove to be significant.  The Reds and Brewers won't be able to see the other three in the standings by June 1st. 

The National League West proved to be baseball's arms race this past offseason. Zach Greinke was signed away from the Dodgers, but the injury of A. J. Pollock will be a signiciant loss for the Diamondbacks. The Giants added Johnny Cueto and Jeff Samardzija were added to the staff in what I feel is a high risk and high reward for the club. The Dodgers have been hampered by injuries this spring, but they had great depth, and should overcome injury problems. I'm picking the Dodgers to take the division. The Padres are rebuilding, and I'm not sure what the Rockies are trying to do, but they will finish near the bottom of the division.

My pick to win the National League is the Chicago Cubs. Vote for the team you think will win the National League pennant.