Vote: Who Will Win The American League Title

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Who will win the American League pennant? The Boston Red Sox added David Price, Craig Kimbrel, Yankees have added another stud arm to their bullpen in Aroldis Chapman, and the Blue Jays have their thunderous offense in tact. That is just the Eastern division. The Orioles have tried to upgrade their roster, and the Rays are loaded with solid young pitching.

The Royals keep finding ways to make it to the World Series with their excellent bullpen propping up the starting staff. The White Sox have revamped their their everyday lineup to assist their pitching staff.  The Indians may have the best starting staff in baseball, but will they have enough help from the bullpen or offense? The Tigers have upgraded their lineup and staff in an effort to compete which should make the division very competitive. 

In the Western division, it should be tightly contested division race. The A's look on paper to be the weakest in the division, but they have provided surprises in the past. The Rangers are hoping their pitching stays healthy. The Angels appear to be short on talent, but it in a close division anything can happen. The Mariners have done an overhaul on their roster, and King Felix will anchor a solid staff. The Astros are young team, and very hungry after getting experience in the playoffs. It should be an exciting season in the American League. 

Who do you think will win the American League pennant?