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Bases Are Loaded

Joe Glasgow

2016 Chicago Cubs Top Ten Moments

One version of the top ten moments for the first half of the Chicago Cubs season.  There are only sixty-nine games left in the season. It is a season we all hope ends in a World Series title. If you're not a Cubs fan, it would be their since 1908. So, unless you haven't won anything in 108 years, don't tell us about your team, and lack of titles.

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Arrieta Returns To Form

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Chicago Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta went into the all-star struggling with his control, and overall performance. In his seven innings against the New York Mets, he dominated. He allowed only five hits, one earned run, while walking just one hitter, and fanning eight. It was the performance  the Cubs were looking for after the all-star break. Arrieta last pitched on July 8, when the Pittsburgh clubbed him for six earned runs in six innings. 

Jake Arrieta pitched 248.2 innings between the regular season and playoffs in 2015.  His career high previously was only 156.2 in 2014. His slider was sharp against the Mets, and look for the Cubs to continue to monitor his innings to keep him fresh down the stretch.

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Will The Cubs Trade Kyle Schwarber?

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The Chicago Cubs are looking for relief help, it isn't a secret. They have been reported to be interested in the Yankees Andrew Miller or Aroldis Chapman of the Yankees. According to Jon Heyman the Cubs have the deepest system, but haven't proposed the best deal, but there is time to up the ante. The name the Yankees are most interested in is the injured Kyle Schwarber.

The 23-year old outfielder hit 16 home runs in only 273 plate appearances in 2015. He is recovering from ACL and LCL surgery after suffering the injury in the first series of the season in Arizona. Schwarber appears to be the primary target for the Yankees, but trading a 30 home run plus potential for a closer isn't good business. Especially, if the trade is for a rental like Chapman. 

The Cubs can come off their low ball offer, and put together a solid package to the Yankees. First baseman Dan Vogelbach, who has some defensive issues, but is pressing for a major league job, but as all-star first baseman Anthony Rizzo blocking his path to the big leagues. The Cubs are also scouting other teams, they have been reluctant to part with young talent.

The Cubs aren't the only team looking at the duo as the Giants are reportedly in talks with the Yankees. The Cubs have the players  that can top any offer the Giants could offer. The long term stability of any team is making solid decisions. Often it is the small trades that payoff in the end. The trading deadline is only a few days away, and I expect the Cubs will add a new face or two to the club.

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